E38: Deepening Community through Liturgy - with Fran Pratt

Fran Pratt aka "The Litanist" joins me on episode 38 for a conversation about liturgy, litany, and our need for community that engages on a deeper level. Through her work as "The Litanist" she has been modernizing the the traditional practice of call and response prayer which she does with a great finesse and an open heart and mind. It's hard to describe her work well without experiencing it, but though she makes use of religious language, as a reader I never felt strong armed into any certain way of thinking. Her writing allows a lot of meditative room to breath and seems much more concerned with personal development and rich communal engagement rather than correct doctrinal belief or dogma.

Check out her book "Call and Response" on Amazon

Find out more about Fran and her work here: franpratt.com

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