E29: Pulled Together, while Drawn Apart

Our social interactions have been pared down to the bare minimum… But we are social creatures. We crave community. But Community?…. What does that even look like in our circumstances? I’m at a loss. But there is something special stirring in all of us – a deep longing to be together again.

Episode 29 is the primer to a full blown “Season 1” of the podcast, bearing the series title Craving Community. An exploration into what we long for in community, what it looks like in our lives, and interviews with talented people who, are not only dreaming of being in community but tangibly creating it in the world around them. I’ve gleaned so much from talking to these smart people. I’m looking forward to sharing their wisdom with you.

I don’t know what community looks like on the other side of what we’re going through right now. But I do know this… when a universal Craving for Community is awakened on such a massive scale, it’s fertile ground for something special to emerge.

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