E28; Tattoos, Initiation, & Archetypal Imagery w/ Jonathan Bigelow

Jonathan Bigelow got his first tattoo as he enters his 30's. It was a profound and meaningful experience for him. We sat down and had and talked about tattoo's, initiation rites, archetypes and the search for meaning and depth. The result: a highly enjoyable and explorative conversation. We also discuss some of Richard Rohr's thoughts and writing on these subjects.

Below is a picture of the Tattoo Jonathan talks about in the episode. It's a marking on his forearm. He explains that it's the Chinese compound character for "mindfulness" which when broken down further translates as "Mind, Heart, Today." Jonathan sees a lot of beauty in the blurring between Mind & Heart and being present in the moment. All elements of himself that he brings into our conversation on Episode 28.

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