E25: Kent Dobson is "Recovering the Great Stories"

Kent Dobson, my guest on episode 25, has a love/hate relationship with the Christian Bible. He was raised in the evangelical tradition, studied and became a biblical scholar, and even held the role of teaching pastor at a mega-church in Michigan. He ventured away from ----more----the tradition but has never been able to shake it completely. In his personal life he keeps returning to the stories of the Bible in some shape or from and it’s led him to the conclusion that maybe the Bible is far more than just a religious text… As Kent states, “The Bible has become part of the collective western psyche.”

Kent Dobson may be a former Christian mega-church pastor, but his relationship with the Christian tradition and faith is not what you would expect. Kent was Rob Bell’s successor as sole teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. After holding the position for 3 years he stepped down from the role – and in addition started stepping away from some of the more traditional Christian ideologies. This has been a big part of his journey over the last 5 years or so, but again he continues to find himself returning to the stories found in the biblical text.

With the stories of the Christian tradition on his brain, earlier this year Kent started as series of podcasts bearing the title “We’ve lost the plot: Recovering The Great Stories.” An intriguing title to say the least. On the first episode of the series he states, “To my own surprise, I keep returning to the Bible, a book that allures and repulses, inspires and confronts.” – the aim of this series and much of his recent work is in recovering the ancient wisdom that can be found in these stories outside of a strictly religious context.

Obviously this is a man who’s been on an incredible Spiritual Journey so I just had to get him onto the podcast! I greatly enjoyed our conversation and I’m sure you will too. We talk all about the relationship of the Bible to the Western world. And we also have some conversation centering around experiences in the natural world and encountering transcendence in wild places. I haven’t even mentioned yet that now he finds himself in the role of a spiritual/psychological guide who takes seekers into the wilderness to embark on introspective – and spiritually explorative journeys. Yes, this is a man well worth having a conversation with. Enjoy!


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