E24: Unshackled

Join me on episode 24 and together we'll explore what it means to be "unshackled." Immature religion usually offers one answer to this question.... and if my past experience is any indicator that answer is: 'being unshackled' is being close enough to God that you're essentially removed from the human condition. But what if it's simpler and much more primal than that? What if it's merely a matter of being FULLY present to the experiences you have while embodying this human condition and seeing the beauty in it - not trying to transcend it, not being repulsed by it, but inviting it.

Join me on "Unshackled" Episode 24 of The Grounded Presence Podcast and I'll share with you a recent experience I had that contrasts what it looks like to be 'unshackled' under religion vs. what it looks like to be 'unshackled' apart from religion. I had a lot of fun with this episode and I'm sure you have just as much fun listening to it. Enjoy!


Links to the music mentioned in the episode:

Don Diabolo Episode #186

Jordan Margo "Shackles" (VIP Mix) (Single)

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