E22: Inspiration Over Certainty

Sometimes having certainty is a very good thing. Other times when we become too rationally certain of some belief, it can suck away all of the inspiration that it might have to offer us. This is true of stories and mythologies that have a way of transcending our rational understanding and striking us closer to our core. Holding these too tightly and rationally can squelch and choke them of the greater invitation they have to offer us - into the deeper waters of the human experience.

On Episode 22 of The Grounded Presence Podcast. I'll share with you a silly mythology that I've come to believe. One that on a rational level I honestly believe to be factually inaccurate. But in spite of that this belief calls to me and inspires me, and I think allowing myself to believe on a transrational level makes me a better and more loving agent on this earth. Yes I'm being vague - but it has has to do with a video I saw on youtube of a street performer performing a pop song. It's silly but something about this video resonates deep in my core. I think we are all trying to understand the wider picture of how belief works in our lives and in our culture and I believe this video gives me some insight into how it does. Listen to the podcast, watch the video, and enjoy Episode 22!


Here's a link to the video I mention on the show:


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