E21: "The Holy Heretic" Rev. Jon Scott

Joining me this week on the Podcast is Rev. Jon Scott, host of "The Holy Heretics Podcast." Is your curiosity piqued? The tagline for his show is "Alternative Theology for the Spiritual Misfit." His aim is to create space and comradery for those that have walked away from tight handed religious beliefs in search of more expansive truth. Particularly those transitioning out of an Evangelical fundamentalist background - as he himself has. He runs a great show and has had many notable guests who bring great ideas and food for thought to the table.

On Episode 21 we talk about his podcast, his 24 years as an ordained minister, and leaving the Evangelical Christian Church. This is one you won't want to miss. It's absolutely jam packed with so many fantastic insights from Jon and very quotable 'one liners.' If you're hungry for some food for thought, by the end of episode 21 I'm sure you'll feel quite satisfied.

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