E20: The Power of A Good Story

Good stories are so important in our lives, but we all to often undervalue them. Culturally there's this feeling that only immature minds need to believe stories to operate - but 'us of higher intellect' operate solely on fact and rationality. That sounds nice and all... maybe a little bit "elitist." But it's a giant load of, well let's say.... "horse fertilizer". We all need to generate stories to navigate our way through life. Weather it's in our day to day routine or long term goals - WE NEED STORIES.

I've been made painfully aware of this as of late. Moving across the country with my family in June was no small task and we moved because our dreams pushed us to! If we had logically known how much work and disorientation we would incur as a result of moving I greatly doubt we would have completed such a feat.

Episode 20 explores how important stories are to move us all forward in our lives. I also explore the experience when the story you've been telling yourself gives way to reality and you must quickly adjust. All that and more! I also share with you a fun story about some lessons that I was taught in Elementary school that I can honestly say I didn't truly learn until just recently as a 31 year old. Enjoy!

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