E19: Good Questions & Expansive Interpretations

Most conversations take place on the superficial and surface level. Few dare to tread beyond and many of us, myself included, struggle to guide a conversation into deeper waters. It's difficult isn't it? On episode 19 I look at a classic philosophic question and pick apart the different ways we usually attempt to avoid interacting with it in depth and vulnerability. We usually don't do to well. Even when there are questions that call to our depth and personal experiences - most of us would usually rather hang out in the shallow end of certainty and rationality. Truth be told... it is a lot easier. But truth again... it's not near as fun. So dive in to the deep end with me on episode 19! Later in the episode I'll also talk about a religious adage that I've recently begun to see through a new lens. Though it is a statement often viewed as a reductive and narrow minded one, it's recently blossomed into an expansive and inviting one in my mind. I can't wait to share it with you in this episode.

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