E18: An Ode to Failure and Experiential

We all know what it's like to fail. Although we all hate to admit it... trying and failing is really the only way to learn anything in this life. Brian Bishop, Ph.D joins me on episode 18 to talk about failing and the importance of experiential learning.

Brian is a long time friend and I've seen him throw him self fully into a few different paths over the time I've known him. And spoiler.... not every path he has pursued has unfolded the way he would have hoped - or even turned out to be viable in the long run. So that's a fancy sugar coated way of saying he's tried some things and failed at some things. Or maybe we'll sugar coat it again and say - he has tried some things and had "limited success." But nonetheless every avenue Brian has pursued has taught him a valuable lesson.

Brian now finds himself in a position where he is very content and pleased with the work he is doing. He states in the episode "It's only now after being in the work force for 30 years, that I'm satisfied and having fun with what I do." I hope we can all be so lucky to find our place in life as Brian has. It's a fun light hearted conversation to close out the short series of interview's I've been doing on this topic of "The work that is yours to do." I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it!

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