E17: The Powerful Poetry of Dale Fredrickson

Spoken word poet and Pastor, Dale Fredrickson, is back on the podcast for another round. This time he’s sharing some poems with us from his “On Wounds and Wonder” Project. Dale and I had a great conversation previously on Episode 16, but his poetry…. it’s even better! Brace your self for some next level word crafting.

Dale has put blood, sweat, and tears into his craft and it shows! Boy oh boy it shows! His poems are truly something special. He doesn’t just merely describe things he observes or experiences… he invites you deeper into your own raw humanity by diving into his own. For me his work functions as a path back to to what is deepest and truest within my self and the broader human experience.

Dale shares recordings of 3 of my favorite of his poems and we have some great discussion around each piece. If you like diving to the depths of the heart and what it means to be human, you absolutely won’t want to miss this episode!




Instagram: @poemsbydalecarl

Facebook: @dale.fredrickson1



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