E16: "The Poet & The Pastor" - Dale Fredrickson

Dale Fredrickson is an awesome guy. He’s a poet - a spoken word poet. He’s also the pastor of a church out here in Lakewood CO. Even more importantly… he’s my guest on episode 16 of the podcast.

Now if you’re like me these two terms, poet and pastor, don’t sit very comfortably together in your mind. These terms seem to be almost antonyms in some respects. The poet is the one who feels the experience and the pastor often seems to be the one who categorizes the experience. Poets and pastors seem to butt heads often. The poet want’s to EXPERIENCE the divine in life - while the pastor usually wants to define the parameters of what the divine even is in the first place.

Even with figures in traditional Christianity like King David - who was a king, in a position of supreme control, and at the same time deeply a poet at heart, there still seems to be a bit of cognitive dissonance between these two terms in my mind. Dale on the other hand holds these two polarities with grace and ease. His poetry is truly something special and it holds a special place in my heart. Dale, through his poetry, facilitates moments for listeners and readers to dive deep into the human experience by displaying his own in a vulnerable, beautiful, and artistic way. His poetry touches my soul deeply - I told Dale at one point after listening to some of his poetry that he never ceases to “Baptize me with his words.”

I can’t exactly describe it - but when Dale speaks or writes his poetry he creates a space of “Holy Ground.” A space that he is kind enough and humble enough to invite you and I into.

On episode 16 we’ll talk about what holding these two polarities of poet and pastor looks like… if the even are polarities at all. Then on episode 17 we’ll listen to 4 of his fantastic spoken word poems and have conversations around each of them. I love him and his poetry and I know you will too.



web: dalefredrickson.com

Instagram: @poemsbydalecarl

Facebook: @dale.fredrickson1



Listen to Episode 16 to find out how you can be entered for a chance to win a physical copy of Dale's album "On Wounds and Wonder."

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