E15: "Comedy & Presence" with Mike Lemme

Meet Mike Lemme - a New York City comedian making his own way up the rungs of the comedy ladder. He's performed in NYC, London, Paris, and Rome among other locations. Though he is concerned with mastering his craft of comedy... he's just as concerned with learning how to be more present to the moment. He strives to be present to him self and those around him in his daily life, and offer this presence to his craft and his audience while he's performing stand-up on stage. Now don't misunderstand me, he's not some comedic yogi or zen master or anything like that. He's just a bit more focused on offering you an honest window into his experiences than just merely making you laugh. It's unique - and I like it. Bottom line he is a comedian seeking what all of us are seeking - more joy in the moment - and he does a great job exploring and showcasing his experiences from his platform as a stand up comedian. I had a blast having this conversation with Mike Lemme and I'm sure you're going to love listening in on it. Enjoy!

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