E14: "Making Space" with Trevor Wright

Have you ever heard of the practice of "spiritual direction"? Well this is your chance. This week I have a conversation with Trevor Wright. Trevor pastors out in Findlay, Ohio. Some would say being a pastor and standing up in front of the masses proclaiming the "truth" is the pinnacle of the spiritual journey. Trevor has a different idea of the spiritual journey. As he's dived deeper into his own journey this has lead him down a path toward "spiritual direction." Essentially a spiritual director sits with those they "direct" that are on their own path. Directors listen with the heart - they are not "answer-men" as Trevor states in the episode (though being a director is not just limited to men). It's a good and holy experience, that's what I understand after having this conversation with Trevor, it's all about "making space" in ones life. Space where it's possible to listen to the divine or the truest self. One thing is for sure this is not an exercise in "making more disciples" for a particular religion. It's more of an act of companionship and helping people keep walking the path of their journey.

To connect with Trevor's work:

website: www.makespace.life

instagram: @makespace.life

twitter: @jccfindlay

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