E12: Birthing New Ideas

Episode 12 is all about "birthing new ideas." The process of making ideas into realities. It's no easy task. On this episode I share one of my misadventures in pursuing a small scale dream only to find out it was not a good fit. In the past I would have called this a waste of time. But the more I learn I'm seeing it as valuable experience. That said it's still very hard to cut ties with a dream once you become connected to it. In my own life it's often felt like I make a demand of myself to stay connected with a dream until it produces the outcome I had hoped for - but following that train of thought can just leave you burnt out and bitter. There's a better way to do things. Later in the episode I'll talk about the difficulty that can be encountered when you start sharing your dreams with trusted friends and acquaintances. Only to be met with the reactions of others that.... Just... Don't... seem to quite understand the dream you're dreaming and rather treating it as a problem to be solved.

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