E11: "Brian has seen the World"

Meet Brian Bishop! Brian has traveled far and wide, and he has seen much of the world. At the time we recorded this conversation he has already traveled to 62 countries. That’s a big portion of the roughly 200 countries that exist on this earth. Brian’s goal is not merely to set foot on the soil of a new country when he travels, but to truly immerse himself in it and experience the culture. For Brian, it’s not just an exercise of crossing countries off of a list.

On episode 11 he shares some his most memorable experiences while traveling. He also shares how these experiences have shaped his view of, people, the world, and his overall philosophy of life. I love having conversations like this one with people who possess such a unique perspective. I don’t think I’ll ever make it to 62 countries in my life time considering the fact that I just turned 31… and have only been outside the US once in my life. If I’m to compete with Brian, I’d need to get a move on! Brian has some great experiences to share and I’m excited for you to hear him and his perspective on episode 11!

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