E10: Mark Tidd - "A Pastor for the 21st Century"

Pastor Mark Tidd joins me for a conversation on Episode 10 of The Grounded Presence Podcast. Mark is the founding pastor of Highlands Church in Denver Colorado. His church is supportive, open, and affirming of LGBTQ+ individuals. Issues surrounding LGBTQ+ are actually the reason Highlands Church was founded in the first place. Initially, Mark was educated and ordained in the Christian Reformed tradition. Eventually though, he was confronted with a very complex situation at a church he pastored. A situation pertaining to church members & LGBTQ+ identities. This situation caused him to start rethinking the tradition and theology in which he'd been educated and ordained. Ultimately this led to him being stripped of his ordination and in the wake of all this... Highlands Church was founded. It's a beautiful place & Mark and I had a beautiful conversation on Episode 10. I wish more churches and religious institutions were filled with kind, loving, & empathetic individuals like him. We had a blast recording this conversation and I'm sure you'll have just as much fun listening to it! Enjoy! ------------------------------

Learn more about Mark Tidd & Highlands Church here:

Highlands Church Denver

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