E9: The Wisdom of Nature's Rhythms

Winter is usually a really hard time of year for me, well I think it is for most of us. The daylight hours recede, the temperatures drop, most of the natural world seems to die or go into hibernation, and friendships seem to take an unexplainable hiatus during these winter months. But I went on a hike back in December that gave me a new view into the natural world during this chilly season. I saw a world of potential life, rather than just a dead one. I gained a new appreciation for these cool months - where I'm typically just waiting on pins and needles for the warmth and sunshine to break in. Winter is still a difficult time for me... and in the middle of February I'm itching for some sunlight and warmth! Oh, to wear shorts and a T-shirt again!!! But this experience I had offered me a new vantage point that has carried me through the past few months. I hope hearing about my experience does a bit of the same for you.

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