E7: "Theology Beer Camp" - with Elizabeth Colunga

Eilizabeth Colunga joins me on this episode to discuss our experience at the "Theology Beer Camp" event we attended in Denver in the summer of 2017. That sounds like an interesting event right? It was indeed! It did not disappoint! It was everything you'd expect from the title - and much much more. Let's just say this: 16 kegs of beer - 100 people - over a 3 day period! Nuf said! The speakers at this event were Tripp Fuller (of home brewed Christianity) and Peter Rollins "the modern Irish philosopher" as Elizabeth Colunga likes to refer to him. I also have to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the Denver Brew Theology crew here in Denver, Ryan Miller, & Janel Ramsey. They were the ones who brought this event to my city! Good times, great beer, and fantastic ideas & theology. See Below for more info on these organizations. Or to suggest bringing a theology beer camp to your city.



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