Ep.6 - New Year New Vision

Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!!! I have some exciting stuff in store for you on the podcast this year.... it's going to be a big year to say the least. I also do a follow up from the last episode - "Ep.5 The Holidays & Authentic Identity." I did as I was speculating in the last episode - I wished people a "Merry Christmas" instead of saying "Happy Holiday's" - Now that said.... I do want to be inclusive... but I've found that saying "Happy Holidays" doesn't conjure up the same authenticity in me as saying "Merry Christmas." does. The results were somewhat unexpected and generated a lot of rich experiences. Listen to the episode to find out what happened!

I'm looking forward to a very eventful 2019 here at The Grounded Presence. Join me on the journey - there is a lot of beauty and honesty in store for you this year.

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