Structure & Path

Too often I think we confuse structure with path. When I started this blog, it took me a while to figure out the structure of it. What are my key points? How can I make it sound marketable? I landed on a platform to promote “Authentic Identity – Deeper Community – Spiritual Evolution”, things that are so incredibly important to me! The structure is important, no about it doubt. It gave me a starting point and a spirit to create from and it gives you an idea of what to expect from this space.

However, once I had established this platform, it became an anchor…. but not in a good way. Perhaps a leash is a better analogy. Picture an energetic dog with collar and leash tied to a tree. He sees a squirrel and – BOOM – he’s off! only to get jerked back by that infernal leash.

After I wrote my first few posts describing the meaning to my bullet points and where I planned to take them it’s been a challenge to let my words breathe without directly anchoring them to 1 of the 3 key topics.

But as I’ve pushed myself to expand out of the structure I have found something even more valuable – a path. In my recent post, “A Story of Elders and Individualism”, I shared with you my frustration as I long for older wise elders. The shortage of them in our society is particularly painful for me. As I walk along this path I’m finding that the term “elder” beautifully embodies the bullet points I’ve built this blog on.

An elder:

  • Has a deep visceral knowledge of his or her Authentic Identity

  • Values and participates in Deep Community

  • Understands the path of Spiritual Evolution

I’m finding that I don’t just want to facilitate these ideas, I want to do my part to resuscitate a tradition of wisdom in our culture and world. Not to simply find my own personal bliss, but to…(and I hope I say this with out coming across as arrogant), to become an elder. An elder for the next generation. A guide for those who will find themselves lost and searching just like I am now.

Structure is important, it gives you a starting place. But path is paramount, it’s the continued journey into the wilderness and into the true experience of life.

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