April 7, 2018

Growing up I was always told that many aspects of life would be hard: marriage, having children, balancing finances, finding a career. All of these warnings turned out to be true. However, I was never warned about how difficult it would be to find and maintain community. I think my generation sure could have use...

March 31, 2018

As we age we all go through changes in belief. Most of the time these are changes in the content of a belief, but on rare occasions we experience a shift so drastic that it changes our entire posture toward even what belief itself means as a principle. These types of changes are Spiritual Evolutions. A change in...

March 24, 2018

Spiritual Evolution, it’s an interesting term isn’t it? When I see those two words together it fills me with a sense of movement, life, and hope. It’s a short humble acknowledgement that the way I view the world today won’t be exactly the same way I view the world tomorrow or 10 years from now. 

The phrase stirs...

March 17, 2018

There’s within each of us a deep desire to be in community. It’s easy to find generic community: Warm bodies filling space who can make life’s journey a little less lonely. But finding deep community, now that is an entirely different story. 

I have an image of community that keeps calling to me. Picture a group...

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