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September 8, 2019

Sometimes having certainty is a very good thing. Other times when we become too rationally certain of some belief, it can suck away all of the inspiration that it might have to offer us. This is true of stories and mythologies that have a way of transcending our ratio...

August 24, 2019

Joining me this week on the Podcast is Rev. Jon Scott, host of "The Holy Heretics Podcast." Is your curiosity piqued? The tagline for his show is "Alternative Theology for the Spiritual Misfit." His aim is to create space and comradery for those that have walked away f...

August 10, 2019


Good stories are so important in our lives, but we all to often undervalue them. Culturally there's this feeling that only immature minds need to believe stories to operate - but 'us of higher intellect' operate solely on fact and rationality. That sounds nice and all...

July 28, 2019


Most conversations take place on the superficial and surface level. Few dare to tread beyond and many of us, myself included, struggle to guide a conversation into deeper waters. It's difficult isn't it? On episode 19 I look at a classic philosophic question and pick...

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