May 24, 2020

Rituals are the back bone of all community. Whether it's a group friends, a religious community, or simply the intimate community of ones home, rituals play a key role. Rusty Gates brings his experience and expertise to the table on episode 32 and shows us that ritual isn't just a convention of religion... it c...

May 9, 2020


Rusty Gates and I had some of the most meaningful experiences of our lives years ago in a small community in Denver, Colorado. In episode 31 we reflect on that season of our lives, what it taught us about community, and what we’ve learned since.

April 25, 2020

Kicking off season 2! Exploring TRUE community.... or maybe the lack there of, in many of our lives. Are you craving community?

April 18, 2020

The release of season 2 is near! The first official episode drops next weekend. In the mean time pop in your ear buds and check out this teaser! 

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